School Integration Program Description

Students aged between 11 - 17 are integrated into local English secondary schools for between 1 - 4 weeks following the school's existing timetable.  We currently work with 25+ secondary schools across Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Lincolnshire, South Yorkshire and Oxfordshire on school integration projects. They host Chinese, European, Taiwanese, Mexican, Russian and other students from various countries around the world

All students are 'buddied' up with an English student. This provides guidance and assistance throughout the integration and helps students to bond. The class size will vary depending on the school, but English schools usually have 30 students per class. Class times vary, but a typical day at an English school runs between 08:30 – 15:30.

We provide an Liaison Officer who is allocated to the school to oversee the daily welfare and meets with the foreign teachers to ensure a smooth running of the program

Weekend excursions are arranged to various places of interest, including Cambridge, Peterborough, and London.  Each student group is accompanied by a local leader for full day and half day trips.

Social events are often organised for the foreign students, and we encourage student buddies to attend.

Students are accommodated in local host families during their stay - student placement and on-going liaison is managed by our Accommodation Manager.


A day at our Partner Secondary Schools

  • During the integration students will meet their friends and take part in all the lessons included in the curriculum. 
  • These lessons also include English Literature and Language. A full day integration experience enables students to immerse themselves not only in the culture, but the language itself.
  • They will regularly use and practice their English language skills in a native environment.


Course Objectives

  • Develop effective and appropriate communication skills
  • Promote both independent and collaborative learning
  • Provide contexts for cross curricular links
  • Access a range of topics through educational, cultural and social interaction.

UK School Integration - School Locations

Trip Details

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